Top 15 books for SMM specialists and Internet marketing specialists

“Hard SMM: Squeeze the Maximum Out of Social Media”

Author: Dan Kennedy
You will learn: how to turn SMM into an active conversion tool; how to expand the company’s audience in social networks while minimizing the amount of costs; how to turn a casual page visitor into a real customer; how to evaluate the result correctly.

“Word of Mouth Marketing. How Smart Companies Get People Talking”

Author: Andy Cernowitz
This result is easy to achieve. You don’t need to be a marketing genius or spend a lot of money – it’s much easier than you think. You just need to learn how to turn word of mouth on and off. How to do it? Here is a simple and straightforward practical guide on how to give people a reason to talk about your brand and how to turn these conversations into a technology for promoting it.

“Contagious. Psychology Behind Word-of-Mouth Marketing. How Products And Ideas Become Popular”

Author: Jonah Berger
This book helps to identify the factors of popularity, but also offers a set of specific applied techniques for creating messages or advertising.

“Conversion. How to turn leads into sales”

Author: Chris Smith
This is a practice-proven step-by-step plan aimed at attracting potential customers via the Internet and turning them into real buyers. The book is dedicated to targeted online marketing that allows you to generate a stream of quality leads and increase sales, as opposed to passively generating a stream of low-quality leads with a low conversion rate.

”Smart Retail: Winning Ideas and Strategies from the Most Successful Retailers in the World”

Author: Richard Hammond
The book covers a lot of valuable information, including: the opportunity to learn from past retail pioneers by recalling simple but effective strategies that your competitors have forgotten about; how to use data to increase profits and growth; how to do more with less and maximize the value that each team member brings to the business; how to use new technologies to develop high-performance, innovative remote teams.

“The Ultimate Sales Machine”

Author: Chet Holmes
“The Ultimate Sales Machine” is the result of Chet Holmes’ many years of marketing experience. The proposed twelve steps are the twelve ingredients of the perfect dish, universal strategies that have been tested hundreds of times on hundreds of clients. The author is convinced that the key to success is strict adherence to the rules, discipline, and determination. This book is a ready-made recipe for business success.

“Creative personal branding”

Author: Jürgen Salenbacher
In this innovative book, Jürgen Salenbacher shares his unique method of personal training that aims to develop creative thinking and innovation. Originally developed as a way to manage career development, this method can be useful for anyone who wants to discover what they have to offer the world.

“Storynomics Marketing in the Post-Advertising Era”

Author: Robert Mackey, Thomas Jeras
“Storynomics” is the foundation of a profitable marketing strategy that will work for effective interaction between the brand and the customer. The book adapts the art of storytelling for the benefit of marketers, entrepreneurs, and business corporations.

“The Ultimate Marketing Book”

Author: Alexey Filanovsky
The book will be interesting and useful for entrepreneurs and civil servants, marketers and advertisers, students and managers, those who are going to change their profession, and those who intend to change everything around them – starting with their own company.

“Cargo Marketing and Ukraine”

Author: Alexey Filanovsky
Oleksiy Filanovsky, a well-known Ukrainian marketer, analyzes the most common business myths in this book and offers simple and transparent methods and tools that will help you establish truly effective marketing.

“How Google Works”

Author: Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg
The book reveals the secrets of transforming modern business, when any information becomes available, mobile devices allow communication regardless of time and place, and cloud computing provides access to unlimited resources.

“YouTube Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Following and Making Money as a Video”

Author: Sean Kennel, Benji Travis
You will learn seven main components of a profitable channel. New strategies for getting views and subscribers. Ten ways to make money on YouTube. And much more useful information. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, this book will show you how to use YouTube to gain subscribers, create a profitable business, and make a significant impact on the lives of many people.

“Read This if You Want to Be Instagram Famous”

Author: Henry Carol
Do you have an Instagram account, post photos diligently, but the number of followers has stagnated and is not growing beyond your circle of friends and family? Read this book if you want to become an Instagram star and learn how to grow your feed and quickly gain thousands of new followers!

“Capture Your Style. How to Grow a Personal Brand on Instagram”

Author: Aimee Song
If you want to optimize your content – whether you’re just starting out on Instagram or already have a large audience of followers – you must buy this book. Aimee has gone to great lengths to share her experience in building a successful Instagram brand. This interesting and practical guide will help you take your imagination, strategy, and skills to a whole new level.

”Facebook: The Inside Story.”

Author: Steven Levy
Drawing on hundreds of interviews inside and outside the company, Levy’s wide-ranging narrative delves deep into the history of the company that changed the world and reaped the rewards.

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