Intensive course in internet marketing

Remaining places: 3

The course covers the main tools of Internet marketing: contextual advertising, SMM and targeted advertising, work with sites, SEO promotion.


1,5 months | 10 lessons

Start date


Course fee

UAH 10,000 (2 payments of UAH 4,500 each)
to secure your place in the group
you need to make an advance payment of UAH 1,000

with job search

No experience required

There are only 7 students in the group

Who is this course for:

  1. Beginners who want to learn the basic tools of internet marketing.

  2. Entrepreneurs who want to understand how marketing works, to be able to analyze results.

  3. Content, SMM and other professionals who are already familiar with marketing and want to expand their capabilities.

According to the portal

How much does an internet marketer earn?







Head of Digital Marketing


Head of Marketing


Chief Marketing Officer


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    We used to be like everyone else:

    conducted classes for 14 people in a group. But we noticed that the percentage of employed students has decreased.

    This can be explained by several reasons: firstly, unfortunately, the situation in the country, and secondly, there are many one-day courses that promise a lot but deliver little.

    And now everything is different

    We have decided to radically change the training policy of our courses and make learning as effective as possible.

    Therefore, we offer semi-individual training in a group of 7 people.

    Students receive more materials and tools

    They practice and learn the material better

    Get their dream job in the shortest possible time

    Our students work in international IT companies

    After completing the course, you will receive a certificate listed on the Ukrainian IT market

    After completing the course, you will learn:

    Conduct competitor analysis;

    Create a portrait of the target audience;

    Form a unique trade offer and positioning;

    Set marketing goals and form marketing budgets;

    Configure and analyze the results of contextual and targeted advertising;

    Create profiles on Facebook and Instagram, create a content plan;

    Understand the principles of SEO.

    What tools are we learning?

    What tools are we learning?

    Course program:

    1. Getting to know the program and setting goals for the course.
    2. The role of Internet marketing in current realities.

    3. The main tasks of an Internet marketer.

    4. The main tools of digital marketing.

    5. The main components of a digital strategy.

    6. Familiarity with the marketing funnel.

    1. Search and analysis of competitors. Useful services. How to draw conclusions.
    2. Target audience, segmentation, formation of the client’s portrait.
    3. Form a unique trade offer and positioning;
    1. The site, its strategic purpose. Types of sites.
    2. Main elements (blocks) of the site.
    3. Laws and rules of usability.
    4. Site audit.
    5. Heat map and click map services.
    6. Popular problems related to site content.
      1. Getting to know Google Analytics 4. Create an account and view the interface.
      2. Getting to know Google Tag Manager. Create an account and view the interface.
      3. Setting up events and conversions.
      4. Analysis of standard reports, how to draw conclusions.
      5. How to create custom studies in GA4 (user path, conversion sequence, free form).
    1. The main types of campaigns in Google Ads.
    2. Advertising auction, how to beat competitors?
    3. Create an account and review the interface.
    4. How to create a media plan and calculate an advertising budget.
    5. Collection of semantics, preparation of announcements and extensions.
    1. Peculiarities of setting up media advertising and remarketing.
    2. Launching a search and contextual media advertising network in the Google Ads office.
    3. Management and optimization.
    4. Reporting and analysis.
    5. Additional features of Google Ads (video advertising, product advertising, application advertising).
    1. Creating and filling Facebook&Instagram accounts.
    2. SMM analysis of competitors.
    3. Compiling a content strategy for social networks.
    4. Content formats in social networks. Visual design of the profile.
    5. Useful services for quality content.
    1. The main goals of targeted advertising.

    2. Advertising auction, how to beat competitors?

    3. The difference between Ads Manager and Meta Business Manager. Overview of the interface.

    4. Efficient account structure.

    5. Advertising campaign settings. Types of audiences in advertising.

    1. Advertisement. How to create an effective creative.

    2. Advertising campaign setting algorithm.

    3. Management and optimization

    4. Reporting and analysis

    The main steps of internal and external optimization. Semantic core.

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      SM/PM at Digitally Inspired

      Andriy Gayevsky

      I’ve been a teacher since 2018 (QA courses).

      I have been working in IT for 12 years.

      How to find yourself in the turbulent world of IT

      Where to start and how to end your career in IT

      Advice on what, how, where, and when to test

      Targetologist, SMM specialist, marketer, advertising manager.

      Hutsulyak Nadia

      I am Nadiya – a creative, communicative and independent girl 😉.

      I set up targeted advertising, develop strategies

      I advise entrepreneurs and teach beginners in the field of SMM.

      Work experience since 2005

      I have a lot of experience in advertising.

      Senior QA Engineer

      Basadzhy Viacheslav

      In IT since 2018

      since 2022

      Test results analysis

      Test automation

      Test project management

      Senior QA engineer

      Hvan Evgen

      I have experience in outsourcing/outstaff and product companies.

      AB soft I’ve been in IT since 2018

      Domains: Automotive, Web, Telco.

      I have been teaching manual testing courses since 2020.

      Theory of testing, QA processes, documentation, stack

      Leader of the training Employment in IT

      Viktoriia Zakharova

      Setting a job search strategy

      Help in writing a resume, preparation for an interview

      Working with people since 2010

      HRBP/Lead IT recruiter Nayax Retail.

      Lecturer since 2018 (employment lectures, zero hour course)

      English teacher

      Antonina Kolesnikova

      Extensive experience in teaching Business English.

      Prepares students for IELTS

      About 2 years in the IT field.

      English level – C1, confirmed by IELTS certificate.

      I have 25 years of experience as a teacher.





      Frequently asked questions

      We think yes, as long as you spend at least 10 hours a week studying, doing homework, and communicating with your mentor. Then in 1.5 months you will be able to master the skills of an Internet marketer, collect a portfolio of projects and start your career path.

      You just need to be an experienced PC user to get started.

      It is possible, in order to secure your place in the group, you need to pay 1,000 hryvnias before the start of training, then 4,500 hryvnias at the first lesson and the remaining amount (4,500 hryvnias) no later than 5 lessons.

      We make a video recording of each class, and you will also have access to the class summary and other course materials.

      All lecturers are practitioners at least at the Senior level, with at least 5 years of experience in leading companies.

      You can contact the administrator by filling out the form on the website, or call any of the contact numbers or write to the messenger listed on the website. If possible, you can also come to our office to discuss all the details of the course. You can also request a prepayment invoice online.

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