Social Media Marketing (SMM) course

Group and individual classes

An SMM manager is engaged in the promotion of a brand, goods or services in social networks.


1,5 months | 10 lessons

Start date


Course fee

UAH 10,000 (2 payments of UAH 4,500 each)
to secure a place for you,
you need to make an advance payment of UAH 1,000

Practice takes place on your project

No experience required

Group and individual classes

Relevance of the profession

The profession of SMM manager is current and will have relevance in the near future as social media continues to grow and develop as a tool for promoting brands.

According to the portal

How much does an SMM manager earn?







Head of SMM


Head of Marketing


Chief Marketing Officer


Start your journey now!

    We used to be like everyone else:

    still used that tech class of 20 people in a group.. But we noticed that the percentage of employed students has decreased.

    This can be explained by several reasons: firstly, unfortunately, the situation in the country, and secondly, there are many one-day courses that promise a lot but deliver little.

    And now everything is different

    We have decided to radically change the training policy of our courses and make learning as effective as possible.

    Therefore, we offer individual training or training in a group of up to 10 people with an in-depth study of the student’s project.

    Students receive more materials and tools

    They practice and learn the material better

    Get their dream job in the shortest possible time

    Our students work in international IT companies

    After completing the course, you will receive a certificate listed on the Ukrainian IT market

    After completing the course you will:

     Define your project’s goals and promotion strategy;

    Package your project for social media promotion;

     Learn how to run and optimise social media advertising Facebook, Instagram;

    You will be able to attract new clients using social media, or earn by running other projects.

    What tools are we learning?

    Course program:

    1. Getting to know the program and training rules.
    2. Goal setting (why your project needs social media).
    3. Features of social networks Facebook & Instagram.
    4. The concept of “content strategy”, an overview of its components.
    5. Analysis of competitors.
    6. Target audience analysis: segmentation criteria, compiling customer portraits: interests, pains, how quickly they decide to buy, what affects them, where to find them.
    portraits of clients.
    7. Brand analysis: formation of STP and positioning.

    HOMEWORK: preparing conclusions from the analysis of competitors + making portraits
    of the target audience.

    1. Types of content (informational, expert, sales)
    2. Formats of content in social networks: posts, Stories, Reels,
    live broadcasts etc.
    3. Visually designed profile.
    4. Video Reels – the most popular format of content. Where to get ideas?
    5. Setting up the phone camera.
    6. Programs for processing and editing visual content: Canva, VN,

    HOMEWORK: designing a profile on Instagram and Facebook.

    1. Tone of voice, types and examples. How to communicate with your audience.
    2. Creation of an effective profile header.
    3. Filling Instagram and Facebook pages.
    4. How to write effective texts: copywriting tricks
    5. Preparing a content plan. Writing a rubricator.
    6. Hashtags. How to choose hashtags for the profile.
    7. Preparation of the first posts.

    HOMEWORK: preparation of posts (texts + photo/video)

    1. Introduction to the interface and functions of Facebook Business Manager.
    2. Differences between Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager.
    3. How to create Facebook Business Manager. The basic settings.
    4. Taking apart the Ads Manager interface.

    1. The principle of showing ads in targeting advertising
    2. Targets for ad campaigns in social networks. How to choose a target?
    3. Budget. Types of budget allocation.
    4. Types of audiences. Forming an offer for the audience.
    5. Selection of the audience: geo, gender, age, languages.
    6. Detailed targeting by interests.
    7. Retargeting and similar audiences.
    8. Creation of advertising creatives.
    9. Key metrics in advertising. How to analyse/optimise.

    HOMEWORK: setting up an advertising campaign.

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      Targetologist, SMM specialist, marketer, advertising manager.

      Hutsulyak Nadia

      I am Nadiya – a creative, communicative and independent girl 😉.

      I set up targeted advertising, develop strategies

      I advise entrepreneurs and teach beginners in the field of SMM.

      Work experience since 2005

      I have a lot of experience in advertising.

      Shapoval Agency

      Olena Shapoval

      Teacher of individual and group training

      Experience – more than 7 years

      Certified marketing specialist

      The main specialization is advertising and content

      Worked with 200+ projects of various scales


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      Frequently asked questions

      We think so, if you devote at least 10 hours a week to classes, do your homework, and communicate with your mentor. Then in 1.5 months you will be able to master the skills of an SMM manager, collect a portfolio of projects and start your career path.

      You just need to be an experienced PC user to get started.

      It is possible, in order to secure a place for you, you need to pay 1,000 hryvnias before the start of training, then 4,500 hryvnias at the first lesson and the remaining amount (4,500 hryvnias) no later than 5 lesson.

      We make a video recording of each class, and you will also have access to the class summary and other course materials.

      All lecturers are practitioners at least at the Senior level, with at least 5 years of experience in leading companies.

      You can contact the administrator by filling out the form on the website, or call any of the contact numbers or write to the messenger listed on the website. If possible, you can also come to our office to discuss all the details of the course. You can also request a prepayment invoice online.

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